Adding Family to Your Will
  • Helen Claydon

Adding Family to Your Will

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Your Will is one of the most important parts of preparing for the future. We never know what is waiting for us around the corner or when we are going to pass away and so, putting a Will in place as soon as possible makes sense.

A Will should contain all of your wishes that relate to your estate and wealth when you pass away. While you might be certain about including your family within your Will you might have some concerns about them inheriting. For example, you might be concerned that the inheritance you pass on could end up in the hands of their spouse or partner instead.

You might want to ensure that, should your child pre-decease you, then their children will inherit the share that would have gone to your child had they still be alive meaning that your grandchildren inherit.

This is achieved by adding certain wording to the gifts contained within your Will. This wording is in Latin and is known as "per stirpes". This actually means "by branch" and refers to the bloodline branch. This wording allows the inheritance to follow the bloodline and will then pass down to the next generation.

This can be added into your Will, even if your children do not have children of their own at the time you create your Will. Therefore, when they do have children of their own, they are automatically taken care of.

If you would also like to ensure that your grandchildren benefit from your estate but still allow a living child to have access to the funds for their lifetime then this can be done by making use of a Discretionary Trust. By putting one of these in your Will, you can ensure that it lasts for up to 125 years, releasing assets when appropriate but also protecting remaining assets for future generations. Therefore, your estate will be passed down as many generations as possible during the lifetime of the trust. This will ensure that your bloodline are the beneficiaries and not their partners or spouses.

Regardless of whether your Will is basic or created online, they will almost always have the “per Stripes” clause included. This will ensure that you protect your family and your estates in your Will.

This is a simple, yet effective way of ensuring your Will contains all of your wishes.

Therefore, your estate and all your assets will go exactly where you want them to go and more importantly, it will all remain within your bloodline and not end up with others. Ensure that you seek professional assistance when setting up your Will to ensure these clauses are included if they are appropriate to your circumstances and wishes.


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