Make Planning Your Will a Priority if you Have Children
  • Helen Claydon

Make Planning Your Will a Priority if you Have Children

There is no better time than the present to become acquainted with a Will and what it all means - especially if you have children.

Life moves fast. One minute you are young and care-free, the next you have a family and are in the latter stages of your life. While life is for living, we have to plan for the future. We all know that death awaits us, we never know when it will arrive and that makes writing a Will more important than we realise. While everyone should have a Will, from the moment you have a child you need to think about their future and a future without you.

We spend our entire lives planning holidays, birthdays and Christmas but unfortunately, many choose not to plan for the future. This is something that has to change.

Of course, as mentioned, living in the present is about embracing every second and making the most of the many wonderful occasions that we encounter. However, how would you feel if you knew that the future of your children could be a lot different if you fail to put a Will in place?

A Will is Not all Doom and Gloom

Yes, we are well aware that thinking about a Will and creating a Will involves thinking about a future where we are no longer around, but this is the reality of life. It might feel as though it is a negative thing to think about but you should not put it off. There might come a time where you never get around to making a Will and that will ultimately make a difficult time for your children even harder.

So, the question that you need to ask yourself is: how can you make the entire process of having to deal with the loss of a parent as easy and stress-free as possible for your children?

The answer to this is a simple one and it’s a solution that you can put in place easily and efficiently. When you create your Will, you can decide what happens to your estate, how it will be distributed, what your children will have and who will take care of your children (known as Guardianship) should they be under the age of 18. While you might think that there is a lot to consider, think about how much your children will have to consider if you do not put a Will in place. If you plan ahead now, your children will appreciate it in the future.


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