The Four Things You Didn’t Know About a Will
  • Helen Claydon

The Four Things You Didn’t Know About a Will

Talking or even thinking about death is not a pleasant experience. Although some of us want to live forever unfortunately we have to face that it happens to us all. Living life to the full is something that we all crave but there is one very important thing that we should take care of - our Will.

We have all heard of Wills. We all know people who have written Wills but a lot of people assume that it’s not something they need to think about for themselves. They always seem like someone else's worry but that is not the case. A Will is hugely important and, while they clearly explain your wishes after you die, there are some things that you need to know about a Will that can help you to get yours done.

They Can Ease Stress

We all want to provide a secure future for our loved ones. Whether we have a partner that we want to take care of, or children; making sure that they are looked after is one of our responsibilities in life. When you choose to make a Will, you will almost feel the burden ease because a Will ensures that everything is in order. You can decide where your money will go, where your property will go and who will care for your children. You might have given this some thought already and just need to take the final step of putting your wishes within a legally binding document. Once you do, the relief is very satisfying.

Wills are Simple

If you thought that Wills are long, drawn-out documents that take years to complete then it is time to change your thinking. When you seek specialist advice you can have everything in order and in your Will in place in no time at all. A Will is important, so it is definitely worth spending the small amount of time it takes to get yours completed.

They Don’t Cost As Much As You Think

The thought of seeing a solicitor and writing you Will might make you think that you have to break the bank, but it isn’t that bad at all. You should look at your Will as an investment in your future and the future of your family. What’s more, it could also cost more money when you pass away if you don’t have a Will in place. Therefore, a Will is a good way to protect your finances in the long term with just a small initial cost.

They Can be Updated

If you thought that a Will was the final document and that it could not be changed then you are wrong. This might be the reason why people leave it until later in life as they may feel that they have a clearer picture of their estate in their 60s than they did in their 30s. This is not the truth. A Will can be amended at any time and it should be amended as and when needed. A lot can change in life. You might purchase another property, inherit more money or find yourself in a different position. Whatever it might be, your Will can and should be updated.

So, there is more to a Will than you realised, and it is not always what you believe or see on the surface. A Will is a crucial document, so make yours and put your mind at rest.


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