The Planning Crowd Contribute to the Parliamentary Review

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  • Helen Claydon

The Planning Crowd Contribute to the Parliamentary Review

The Parliamentary Review is a guide to industry best practice and is a highly regarded online publication that provides an insight into the way in which leaders within certain sectors respond to both political and environmental challenges. It is a far-reaching publication and so to find yourself published within the Review is a significant achievement. Read Full Article

The Opportunity to Contribute

When we were recognised for our excellence in the industry and given the opportunity to contribute, it was a chance to showcase just what we do and how we deal with the challenges surrounding Wills and Estate Planning for the UK public as well as dealing with changes to legislation. The Review provides a platform from which we have the chance to show that we take our sector, the needs of the public and the way in which we work, very seriously. Being afforded the chance to contribute to such a well-regarded online publication is something that we are extremely proud of.

A Prominent Topic

With the chance to put their pen to paper, so to speak, we took the opportunity to touch on a subject that is clearly an issue in the UK. This involves the sheer number of people who are failing to put a Will in place; resulting in their estate being handled in accordance with the laws of intestacy.

Through a proactive approach, we are helping to influence the UK public to consider their Will and just how important it is. To do this we have dealt with changes to legislation, including the introduction of GDPR, all of which has brought with it challenges that needed to be faced with a stern attitude and a forward-thinking approach.

The aim is to make our services attractable and affordable for the UK public, so they ensure that their affairs are in order when that time arrives in their life. It’s not something that people like to think about, but it is something that we want to help people face with courage and greater knowledge.

This is a bold claim but something that we are committed to achieving and this can be seen within the article published in the Parliamentary Review. On the whole, this is a significant achievement and places us firmly on the map, showing that we are committed to making a difference and a change where it matters.


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