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Full Administration and Grant Application Services

After someone dies, everything they own (their estate) must be dealt with in accordance with their Will or the Rules of Intestacy where no valid Will exists.

Unless the estate has little or no assets a Grant of Probate will need to be obtained so that the executors or administrators can use this to collect in the deceased's assets and prove their authority to act on behalf of the estate.

Executors have personal liability for ensuring the estate is dealt with correctly including the payment of estate and personal taxes, the collecting of assets and ensuring all liabilities are discharged prior to distribution. If you are appointed as an executor you might want to consider seeking professional guidance to ensure you carry out the role correctly.

We have a professional team of probate associates that hold industry leading qualifications. A dedicated case manager will work with you to ensure that the estate is dealt with efficiently and quickly, corresponding with all assets holders and creditors on your behalf. All work undertaken is covered by a £5 million professional indemnity policy for your complete peace of mind and any fees incurred can be charged against the estate.

The Planning Crowd has highly trained and qualified staff ready and available to discuss your needs


UK owned & based

We are proud to be British.  Our company was formed in the UK, is based in the UK and always will be.

30+ years experience 

With over 100,000 satisfied clients all over the UK, by choosing us to assist with your Will writing needs you are in good company.

In-house legal team

We have our own in-house legal services team that specialise in estate planning. 

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