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Why should I make a Will?

People put off making a Will. Some people think it might be difficult or uncomfortable to make plans for when they die; but the alternative can be much worse.

Your property can pass to the ‘wrong’ people as you have no control over who inherits.  This can be devastating for the people you leave behind at an already difficult time.

Not having a clear plan in place can also leave your estate vulnerable to legal challenges which brings on even more heartache and stress, not to mention a financial burden.

What happens if I die without a Will?

If you die without a Will, you are said to have died Intestate and that means that the Government enforce a strict set of rules that determine who your estate goes to – this is not always to the person or people you would have intended had you chosen yourself. These rules originated in 1925 and no longer reflect the diverse and dynamic make up of today’s society.

Passing away without a Will means that none of your wishes are legally documented and that everything you own will pass on according to The Rules of Intestacy.  

The Planning Crowd has highly trained and qualified staff ready and available to discuss your needs


UK owned & based

We are proud to be British.  Our company was formed in the UK, is based in the UK and always will be.

30+ years experience 

With over 100,000 satisfied clients all over the UK, by choosing us to assist with your Will writing needs you are in good company.

In-house legal team

We have our own in-house legal services team that specialise in estate planning.  Writing Wills is what we do everyday.

A standard Will certainly sets out your final wishes but everyone's situation is unique and that's why yours will be created bespoke


Our in-house legal team write your bespoke Will ensuring it conforms to the latest legislation. Everyone is unique and your Will is written totally bespoke to suit your individual needs with the best levels of protection for you and your family.  

Once everything is agreed the final draft of your Will is written by our in house legal team. We will then send you a hard copy of your Will. If you have opted for Private Client Care then we will store your Will for you and if things change we will update your Will at any time and it's free!

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